Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nazi UFO's and their postwar history

Carol Rosen, an intimate associate of Nazi scientist Werner Von Braun, reveals a secret. Von Braun informed her that a deeply hidden conspiracy in our government that has has advanced our inherited exotic technologies from Hiter's Germany along with the high level scientists that invented them.
Werner Von Braun in his dying days shared this secret with Carol Rosen. She is sharing it with us. The entire "Aliens" mythology has been fabricated to hide the facts for over sixty years..since the end of WWll.

Carol Rseon, Von Braun, extraterrestial threat, space besed weapon system,

UFOs: the Hidden Evidence (aka, An Alien History of Planet Earth).

Journalist Nick Cook embarks on a journey of discovery, mystery and deceit. A fantastical voyage of UFO's, close encounters and tales of alien abduction. Cook works for the most respected military reference magazine in the world - 'Jane's Defence Weekly'. He is an acknowledged expert in secret military flight experiments. After 20 years of investigating some of the strangest and most secret military aircraft to take to the skies, Cook applies his expert knowledge to uncovering the truth of what has really been flying overhead. He believes that many unexplained sightings of UFOs and strange tales of alien landings can be explained rationally by understanding the shadowy secret world of the defence industry. But there are some sightings that are much harder to explain away. In Alien Encounters: The Hidden Evidence, he traces the phenomenon over the last sixty years - from early sightings during the Second World War to the mass reports of alien abductions that swept America in the 80s and 90s. Drawing on such landmark cases as Roswell and the Zamora sightings, Cook attempts to answer one of the most elusive questions of our time: do UFO's really exist?

The German flytrap and antigravity

NIck Cook, UFI files-Alien History Pt 2.avi

NIck Cook, Avro,

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[HST] UFO Files - Alien History Pt2-3.avi

[HST] UFO Files - Alien History Pt2-4.av

[HST] UFO Files - Alien History Pt2-5.avi

The Secret Nazi Space Program
Operati0on paperclip, Nordhausen, UFO’s, V-7 BMW engines,

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